Betty Carter (born Lillie Mae Jones, May 16, 1929 – September 26, 1998) was an American Jazz singer renown for her captivating voice and vocal style. She will always be remembered.

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A sound so unique it was considered as specific as her own fingerprint, Betty Carter’s voice is still thought of today more as a musical instrument then it ever was as a set of vocal cords. “Ms Carter is one of the very few jazz vocalists who can be counted on to approach the familiar from a totally unexpected, sometimes revelatory point of view.” The New York Times

“A free jazz voice; she had a floating quality that haunted me.” Ray Charles

“The greatest pure jazz singer.” Sarah Vaughan

My Favorite Betty Carter Song:

Look What I Got

(Song Lyrics from Album Look What I Got)

To have his love is all that a girl could want

To hold him close is heaven

To watch the sun come up each day

With joy I took a chance and there he was

For me

He took my hand and said will you be my wife

Fantasy had come true and now

My world is sweet and nice and smooth

For he is all I’ll ever need

In life

Look what I got to kiss every night now

Look what I got to hold hands in the park with

I got a man

Our love is strong

Because we both understand

That we must work together

To make this marriage work

With grace, with care

Somehow its gonna be wonderful

Wonderful, Ohhh…

Look what I got

At Christmas, I got love

I got love

I got love