Mildred Hemmons Carter

(September 14, 1921 – October 26, 2011)

Mildred Hemmons was born on September 14, 1921 in Benson, Alabama.  She graduated high school at age 15 and went on to earn her Business degree by age of 19 at Tuskegee Institute. She applied for the Civilian Pilot Training Program to pursue her interest in flying. She is considered part of the Tuskegee Airmen Legacy as the first female pilot to join the Alabama state’s Civil Air Patrol Squadron in 1942. Though a skilled pilot and a pioneer, she was unable to soar to her full potential as a fighter pilot during World War II.

“I did the next best thing. I married a fighter pilot.” 

Mildred (Hemmons) married Col. Herbert E.Carter in August of 1942. Col. Herbert E.Carter, was one of the 33 original Tuskegee Airmen pilots.  Their mid-air courtship began with mile-high dates doing what they both loved (flying side by side)… a love affair that lasted 68 years of marriage until her passing.

Mildred H. Carter

Photo Credit: (l) Alabama Aviator (r) Robert Johnson/CNN

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